Business Success Stories

Arway Confections

Started by Arthur Resnick in 1950, Arway originally made Chocolate Pecan Caramel Patties under contract with Sears Roebuck & Co.  Over the years the company expanded its product line to encompass hundreds of products (focusing mainly on chocolate covered nuts and fruit) sold to hundreds of customers nation wide.In 2001, Arthur’s son Jim Resnick bought the plant next door to their 3325 W. Newport Street location, and has since more than doubled available space and core work force.  Best of all, the expansion allowed Arway to open a factory outlet to local consumers, Chicago Candy and Nut, directly north of the rail road viaduct at 3407 North Kimball, with parking on Newport.  With step-son Craig Leva, the third generation of family management, starting to take over responsibility for the company, our neighborhood is assured of a wonderful source of tasty treats for the foreseeable future.

Korea Farms

Young Sun Yoo was a 15 year old boy scout in South Korea when the communist North invaded in 1950. Instead of week end camping in the woods, he spent his scouting years fighting the invaders who were killing his neighbors.

Coming to the U.S. in 1967, Mr. Yoo worked for a year as a busboy at a fancy down town restaurant. In 1968, he bought some seed, planted vegetables out in Woodale, and found out what would grow and could be sold. In 1969, he got a license from City Hall for a produce distribution company, Korea Farms, which he started with his wife at 3456 N. Clark Street.

Moving to 3445 N. Kimball in 1997, Korea Farms now shares space with 10 tenant companies including food distributors, a bakery, book store, and a heating & air conditioning contractor in the two 80,000 square feet buildings owned by the company. Mr. Yoo still grows his own vegetables while his wife runs the distribution side of the company.

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